Adult Groups




Sundays at 9:30am: 

Morning Fellowship & Study in the 1st floor Conference Room.

Led by Sharla Worley.

 Curriculum: Promised Land – Dr. Ray Vander Laan: An exploration and discussion of how and why God guided His people to the Promised Land and what relevance this has for us today. 

Sundays at 11am:

Adult Bible Class In the 1st floor Conference Room.  

Led by Linda Jenkins. 

Curriculum: The Bible Systematic and progressive study of the Bible and discussion about its application for people today.


How do I get connected?

 1. Sign-up is on the main bulletin board in the 1st floor Gathering Hall.


2.  Contact the leader.


3.  Show up for the 1st session!




Have you always wanted to feel confident using the Bible?

Would you like to be better equipped to build your life

on the foundation of God’s word?

Join one of these two groups for a life changing journey in scripture!


            1st and 3rd Wednesday at 7pm in the Conference Room     

(Begins October 5 and follows the AMPED Youth Group Schedule)

                              Led by: Todd Humphrey/Doreen Bass


           Tuesday at 9:30am-11am in the Conference Room

(Beginning September 13)

                            Led by Pastor Jenny and Michael King

Twelve Old Testament lessons in the fall, New Testament in the spring!


      Sunday at 6:30-8:30pm: Greenview Fellowship

     Led by Diane and John Derr – Meets at their home (10610 Victorian Avenue, New Market)



     Wednesday at 6:30pm: Women’s Bible Study

                     Led by Sharla Worley – Meets at her home (6120 Fieldcrest Drive, Frederick)

                                A welcoming, encouraging group where women of all ages can become

                                connected and help support each other in their faith journey through

                                weekly fellowship and study.                                       


     Thursday at 7pm: Men’s Group 

                   Led by Pastor Scott in the New Market UMC Education Building Kitchen


      Friday at 9am: Friday Morning Fellowship

                    Led by Cheri Baker in the Conference Room

          “Discerning the Voice of God” by Priscilla Shirer. Having a hard time knowing

      what God is saying versus what others are saying? This Bible study is designed to help you.




For more information on any of these groups contact the church office.