Daily Devotion October 22, 2013

Susannah Wesley raised her children in a “methodical manner” which emphasizes the importance of continual scripture reading. 

This week we invite you to bring the psalms to your family in the morning and a New Testament reading to an afternoon or evening meal or bed time. 


Reading: Psalm 23 and Matthew 9:1-13


You may wish to engage yourself and your loved ones in these standard questions:

 Psalm:  Based on his prayers what would you guess was going on in David’s life at that moment?  What is going on in your life or family today?  How does the psalm connect to your experience and your prayers today? 



New Testament: What was Jesus saying or doing in this passage.  How did his message or actions impact those who witnessed or heard him?  How does Jesus’ message or actions impact your life today? 

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