Bonnie Bailey

My name is Bonnie Bailey and this will be my third year with Hope Community Preschool.  I teach the Tues./Thurs. morning class for 3’s at Mount Carmel and the Mon./Wed./Fri. afternoon class for 3’s and 4’s at New Market.  I’m also the site director for New Market. 

I’ve been working with young children for many years.  After attaining my B.A. from Shepherd College, I founded my first preschool and called it Adventures In Learning.  That name fits my philosophy of how learning should be for young children – an exciting adventure!  As my preschool grew my husband and I also acquired several area daycares, which meant we were providing services for several hundred children on a daily basis. 

After many years, we sold our business and I then devoted my time to homeschooling some of our children.  After having our son and daughter while living in Germany, God fulfilled my desire to adopt by sending us 6 additional children.  One is from Germany, two from the U.S. and three from China.  Six of our children are now adults.  At home is Malia who is 10, and Camie who is 15.   We live in Harpers Ferry and they attend our area public schools. 

As wonderful as it was to be able to teach my own children, I was very excited to get back to working with preschoolers again.  Preschoolers are my favorite age group to teach. 

In my free time, I love spending time with family and friends.