Prayer Devotion April 16 2014

As they looked over the dry bones that were once the people of Israel, the Lord ask Ezekiel, "Can these bones live?"  Ezekiel replied, "Surely You Know Lord."   

       Indeed, the Lord knew the answer to his question.  The Lord is in fact the master of resurrection and new life.  Still, on the days when we stare into the tomb wondering why life is so harsh and people so cruel we might ask, "Can these bones live?"    The New Market community is asking this as they grieve the loss of men of faith over the past few weeks.  "Can these bones resurrect?"  We all might ask this as we endure a last snap of winter and heap on winter coats again.  "Can these winter bones ever stop aching?"  We might ask this as we wrestle with illness and disease, struggle in our marriages, worries about children, disappointments at work, or just "life".   This Holy Week we acknowledge that life is full of "Good Friday" moments and seasons.  Evil and heartache can appear to win.   Today and always, we turn to the hope and faith which causes us to look for what God knows is coming over and above what we are experiencing.   God alone knows the answer to our question, "can these bones live?"  We know God's answer is coming on Easter morning.  God will speak a new word of life all over, through, and around us.   These bones will live!  Spring will break through.   We can be healed in Spirit and to some extent in body.   In the hour of our death we will resurrect!  
May God bless you and keep you this Holy Week!  
Pastor Jenny and Pastor Scott
Please pray for resurrections for: 
all who grieve 
all who struggle with cancer and other illnesses and disease
all who are depressed or living with mental illness
marriages experiencing brokenness
all who experience the effects of domestic violence 

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