Prayer Devotion August 27 2014

“You God, are my God, earnestly I seek you.  I thirst for you, my whole being longs for you, in a dry and parched land where there is no water.”  Psalm 63


           Is your spiritual life feeling dried up?  Are you feeling disconnected or confused about your faith?  While summer is a wonderful time for vacations, travel, and getting out of the grind, by the end of summer many are feeling scattered.  The psalmist David felt scattered and dry as he uttered the words above.  He worried that his faith had dried up and he had lost that sense of connectedness that comforted and directed him.  As we prepare to celebrate Labor Day and get back to our fall schedules, I encourage each of us to consider the state of our souls.  If we are dry or disconnected let us claim the season of change which is ahead of us.  Let us invite the breeze of the Holy Spirit to usher in a revival of the spirit as beautifully transforming as the color change of fall.  The “grind” which is often feared in the fall season can be rather an invitation to be intentional about our priorities and our schedules.  As we account for school bus times, sports schedules, and meetings, might we also give careful attention to our spiritual lives.   The psalmist recognizes he is dry and so he has begun earnestly seeking God again.  God is faithful to restore us, heal us, fill us back up but we must make time to be available for refilling.  Perhaps this is the season for you to return to weekly worship to honor God with your presence.  Perhaps this is the season to find a small group where you can grow through friendships and prayer.  Perhaps this is the season to dust off the Bible, or dig it out of the drawer, and go back to reading a devotion each day. Perhaps today is a day to claim an hour of Sabbath and take a prayer walk or sit and pray in a peaceful place.  


A prayer for this season:

You, God, are my God.  Inspire and equip me to earnestly seek you.  Help me to acknowledge that the emptiness and weariness I feel is caused, in part, by a depleted Spirit.  While I may fear that I’m dehydrated and surrounded by an endless desert of obligation, open my eyes to see you the living water.  Reveal to me the path which will lead to restoration and a revived Spirit.  Amen. 


Keep in your prayers this week:

Children, youth, and teachers who return to school, for safety and learning

Christians around the world who are facing persecution

Our global community, that wisdom and justice may prevail in ways which lead to peace. 


Our Sunday schools and youth ministry, that volunteers will surface to fill the gaps in our teen ministry, so that many may come to know Jesus and grow in faith.  

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