Prayer Devotion October 29, 2014

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12 


         The princesses and alligators, Hobbits, and lion tamers are making their way through the Mt. Carmel office this morning.  "Trick or Treat?"  they ask us as they go from door to door.  Of course we are giving out treats, we wouldn't think of putting rocks or spiders in their basket.  

           On this week when the world is focused on Halloween, I believe it is especially important for us to consider what we are giving out.  Snickers and Starbursts are the candy of choice at the Smith house, but I'm not talking about the sweets.   What are we, as Christians, offering to the world today, this week?   Are we offering the gifts of hope, faith, peace, and love?  Are we giving out kindness, forgiveness, second chances, and care?  When our neighbors see us in the community do they see the light of Christ shining through, or has the darkness of anger, stress, worry, and need cloaked us in the costumes of the world?  Are we giving out the goodness of God or the junk of the world?  

           This week is fun for our families and our communities.  However, while adorable children in their costumes and old school scary movies provide excitement to our fall, we must be careful that our hearts stay fixed on what is good and life giving.  We are not people who obsess or glamorize death and darkness.  We are people who focus on and share life and light.  

              This Halloween put on the image of Christ for "Christ is the light of the world, in him there is no darkness at all!"  


 Prayers for light to fill your week,  

Pastor Jenny and Pastor Scott 


Please keep in your prayers:  

Those who are having surgery and recovering from surgery

Those who are struggling with declining health.  

Those who struggle emotionally and physically as the weather turns towards winter and our world focuses on Halloween.  

Safety for children, teens, and neighborhoods this Halloween weekend.  


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