Prayer Devotion January 28, 2015

Jesus turned and saw her. "Take heart, daughter," he said, "your faith has healed you." And the woman was healed at that moment. Matthew 9:22

What would you do to be made well? Throughout the Bible we see the lengths people will go to for the opportunity to be healed by Jesus. A woman picks her way through a crowd to touch his cloak. A paralyzed man is lowered from a roof by his friends.

And almost without exception, the people who are healed in the Bible have two things in common -- they have absolute faith that Jesus can heal them, and they are ready to make a change in their lives.

We all know people who meet one criterion but not the other. They are ready to be well, but they lack the faith that Christ can heal them. Or they have absolute faith in Christ’s power, but they’re not ready for a change. They’re not ready to put an addiction aside… to set down their grief or guilt… or to abandon their heartache.

I was one of those people. For years I drifted away from God, dismayed by scandals within my former church and blinded by a foolish belief that I could navigate life on my own. I was in a dark place spiritually -- and sometimes we spend so much time in those places, we forget what it feels like to bask in God’s warmth. The darkness begins to feel normal.

Even as I began returning to church -- lured by my wife, who witnessed how God is moving at New Market UMC -- my healing did not happen right away. I didn’t get better simply by sitting in a pew every Sunday. The healing in my life happened -- and my relationship with Christ blossomed -- when:


I told God I was ready for a change.


I admitted to God that I couldn’t “fix” myself, and that I knew he had the absolute power to heal me from the inside out.


I asked him to heal me.


If there’s a sorrow in your life… an urgent need for healing… spend some time this week asking yourself if your’re strong enough in your faith and in your desire for change. If you need additional strength, call on God for that first. Because as we’ve witnessed time and again in the Bible… and undoubtedly in our own lives… when we are strong in both our faith and our will, God is prepared to move powerfully in our lives.

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