Prayer Devotion April 2, 2014

     Yesterday was "gotcha day"!  For most that is the day when we trick and tease our loved ones to add laughter to our homes, offices, and schools.  I woke up to a rubber snake in my shower (thanks a lot Tina M for equipping my little pranksters).  In the evening as I was brushing my teeth there were flashing lights in my window which alerted me to the presence of a police car in the drive way.  Through the front door I could see my oldest son, Christian, in handcuffs, being escorted out of the car.  Ugh...  boys!   Before panic set in I recognized the detective leading my child as Brian a worshiper in our congregation.   I played along long enough for Christian to fully enjoy the prank, and then made it clear that this better be the only time I see the boy in a cop car. A friend this morning helped me understand better our human need to tease.  She said,  "you know Christian thought all week about how to "get-ya" so that he could "get-your" attention.  Wow!  That caused me to pause and think.  Who in our lives is desperate for our attention?  What are they doing to try to let us know that they are in need of a hug, a touch, a listening ear, some flirtatious looks, a word of encouragement?  
     Among families who have experienced adoption or foster care "gotcha day" is something more than a day of trickery.  Gotcha-day is the day families celebrate a new foster or adopted child coming into their home. April 1st is "gotcha-day" in our family because it is the day we brought Justin home.  Every year on April 1st we smother Justin in love, pictures, stories, and ice-cream.  He looks forward to gotcha-day because he can count on our attention.  Yesterday, while enjoying a milk shake, I thought about all of the special people in my life.  I ask God to help me celebrate them and appreciate them every day.  In the business of our schedules and in the stress shared in home and work environments, we often miss what is most important.  We miss the opportunities to appreciate each other, laugh together, sit down and eat together, or pray together.  Relationships heal and grow through constant attention giving and receiving.  
      Today is April 2nd.... nothing special about today.  But, there could be something special.  Call a friend, kiss a spouse, cuddle with a child, share a milk shake with a teenager.  Today someone is hoping to "get- ya" attention.  Love them by attending to them!  
Enjoy the spring!   
Pastor Jenny (& Pastor Scott)  

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