This September we will begin a new challenge together.  With our Kindergarteners who will pick up their picture books, we will pick up the GOOD BOOK. We will seek to provide you with a solid foundation answering the questions:   

August 31st :  “Who wrote the Old Testament: When, and Why does it matter  to my faith?

September 7th: “Letters to the Church; Who Wrote the Letters, When and Why? 

September 14th: “Jesus Narratives: How, When, & Why were the Gospels Written?” 

September 21st: “Is the Bible the Inspired Word of God?  What Does that Mean Anyway?” 

September 28th: “Creation, Snakes & Floods; Understanding the Relevance of Ancient Stories in Light of Modern Science.” 


       Whether you will pick up a Bible for the first time this fall or be picking up again a trusted friend, we are praying that this series will open your heart and your mind to discover all that God, the best teacher, has in store.