Refreshment and Revival Gathering

at Mt. Carmel

Saturday, June 25, from noon to 2pm

in the Mt. Carmel Great Room

Lunch and snacks provided


Mt. Carmel’s mission statement says that “together we reach, transform, and equip people for a lifelong relationship with Christ.”  In recent times, issues of pandemic, social unrest, and personal trials for so many in our midst have challenged us to find new ways to do this. Frankly, we have struggled to find the resources to maintain ministry, let alone expand it! Yet our history affirms that we have overcome such challenges before, and with God’s help, we will do it again.

It’s Time For Revival, Mt. Carmel!

With this focus in mind, Mt. Carmel is forming a new “Committee for Evangelism Ministry” that will coordinate renewed efforts to spread our Christian witness and to provide an ongoing invitation and welcome to be a part of our Mt. Carmel family.

On Saturday, June 25, we invite you to hit your personal “refresh” button and come join your Mt. Carmel family to explore ideas and ways you can be a part of our revival efforts! You may want to be a member of the new committee, or you may just want to share some ideas or resources. You may simply want to ask some questions or to hear more info. If any of these apply to you, please join us! Mt. Carmel is a great place to be, and we are eager to share that message with our community. Your ideas and energy are not only welcome, but vital!

We will gather in the Great Room beginning at noon, with a light lunch and snacks provided to refresh you and to help fuel your creative energies. The gathering will conclude about 2 pm.  Please come for any or all of this time – this will be an informal, brainstorming, information and idea-sharing type of meeting for which even a few minutes of your time can help us move forward! We will also be providing a Zoom option for those unable to join us in person.

Questions? Contact the church office 301-662-1303 or email

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