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Flat Jesus is inspired by the book “Flat Stanley” written by Jeff Brown. Just as Flat Stanley has helped children with literacy and geography, Flat Jesus helps children remember that Jesus is with us everywhere, even during pandemics and social distancing! 

Directions: Flat Jesus™ is here. First, print and color him. Consider coloring his skin to look more like middle eastern Jewish man instead of a white American Christian. Then, cut him out and take him along on your summer adventures near and far. If you have ability to laminate your paper, please do.Then, take a picture to share with our church family of wherever you go, whatever you do this summer. Pictures will be shared on our church Facebook and church website. Please let us know where the picture was taken!


Email pictures to laura.isaac@hopemtcarmel.org or donna.clawson@hopemtcarmel.org

Flat Jesus Summer Adventures!

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