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I am blessed to be appointed as the pastor of the Mt. Carmel UMC.

Over the past 40 years I have served a variety of churches in Minnesota, New York,

West Virginia and now here in Frederick, Maryland.

Each Sunday I try to bring the scriptures to life during worship,

to strengthen the whole congregation to go out and life their faith throughout

the week. If you are looking for a church home, I invite you to come join us. 


Since I retired from ministry in 2019, I have tried to write a hymn a day following in the footsteps of Charles Wesley who wrote over 6000 in his lifetime. At this point I have written over a thousand, but I tell people that they probably won't be any good until I practice with a couple thousand more.


Having had several people tell me over the years that they did not have time for an hour-long Bible study each week, this past year I started a 5-minute Bible study on YouTube. I am currently working my way through the stories in the Gospel of Luke. You can access all of my material on my website This fall we will have Bible studies resuming as well as developing some small group ministries.

Pastor Jeff


Rev. Jeffrey Childs

Donna Clawson
Church Administrator 

Donna is our Church Administrator and can help you with all your questions or direct you to the proper source!

Donna joined the Mt. Carmel staff in 2002. She lives in Frederick with her husband, Pastor Scott. Donna and Scott have three children; Meghan, Hannah and Caleb. They also have three amazing grandchildren; Atticus, Fletcher, and Evelyn. 

Donna's favorite pastimes are crochet and reading but spending time with her family is what she likes to do best.


Kathy Petrill
HOPE Preschool Director




Welcome to everyone here at Hope Community Preschool!  My name is Kathy Petrill and

I am the Director for our preschool.  I look forward to developing lasting relationships that

benefit the church and the education of our children.

I am a graduate of Hood College in Frederick, Maryland.  My bachelors’ degree is in Early

Childhood Education and my masters’ degree is as a Reading Specialist.  I was a public school

teacher in Frederick and Washington counties for 16 years.  Before coming to HOPE, I was a preschool teacher for a local church in Hagerstown.

I reside in Hagerstown with my 2 daughters, Addy and Claire.  I love spending time with my family, gardening and going to the beach. 


I look forward to meeting all of the Hope Community Preschool families and having a wonderful year together!

IMG_4447 (3).jpg
Donna Clawson
Kathy Petrill

Michele Stine
Children's Ministry Director

Michele Stine lives in Frederick with her husband Kenny, daughter Nicolina and

son Kenneth. As a family, they enjoy being outgoing and like to travel together. They are all active members of the Mt. Carmel congregation. Michele teaches the “Let’s Play” program. Michele started the “Let’s Play Today” program for Hope Community Preschool in 2010.

 Fitness has always been a priority throughout Michele’s career and she is looking forward to motivating children to be active and healthy while having FUN!!!!

Michele served in the United States Marine Corps as a Military Police officer and continued in law enforcement as a Maryland State Trooper until retirement. 

Michele Stine
Devin Inman

Devin Inman
Contemporary Worship Director

"Devin is a music major who studied music composition at Hood College. 

He has been leading worship since he first discovered his calling into

music ministry while on a retreat in 2015.

Praise and Worship is his passion and he loves what he does."

Devin Inman.jpg

I grew up on Long Island and moved to Maryland for college where I met

my husband, Todd and we have been married over 20 years.  I have a degree

in Biology from Salisbury University. We moved to the Ballenger Creek area

of Frederick 20 years ago and have three adult children. I have been employed

by HOPE Community Preschool here at Mt Carmel for over 10 years. 

Alison Humphrey
Nursery Director

Screenshot 2024-04-30 145620.png

Michael Smith
Property Manager

Property Manager Mike Smith was born and raised in Middletown.

He has been a volunteer firefighter for over 20 years and for a

couple years fought fires in the Alaska wilderness. Mike enjoys camping

and hunting, deep sea fishing, Morel mushroom hunting, and is a diehard

WVU fan. 

He enjoys cooking, especially BBQ. Mike loves landscaping and has a

mowing business and this year he is also mowing the church and cemetery



Mike and his wife Alison have two children at home and their son Jameson

who attend Hope Preschool.

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