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Our Mission, Our Vision and Our Values

Our Vision

To cast God’s love and hope into the entire Community

so that each man, woman, and child can be offered a relationship with God and the church.


Our Mission

Together we reach, transform, and equip people for a lifelong relationship with Christ. 

Our Values


Missions: We seek to serve by meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people in our local and global community. Our hope is to forge relationships that will sustain lasting and meaningful blessings and solutions. See our mission’s page for details!

Worship: We believe it is our privilege to worship the God who has given us life, salvation, and purpose. We celebrate that people connect with God through a variety of worship styles. Through Sacramental, Traditional, and Contemporary services we gather in God’s presence to glorify God and to seek God’s forgiveness, healing, and wisdom for our lives. 


Outreach: We are a gathering place where people are blessed, changed, and then sent back into the neighborhood to share hope and healing. We seek to reach out to our neighboring communities through personal relationships and relevant programs. Our members and worshipers are trusted to share God’s love in their daily lives and to eagerly invite friends and family to get to know God better. Our Hope Community Preschool and Family Ministries provide opportunities for us to bless the community with relevant ministries that teach children, promote health, and give us another way to be a blessing and share God’s love.

Biblical Teaching

Scripture: We believe that the Bible is God’s living word which shares the mighty story of God’s love and redemption. We teach the Bible in worship and small group settings in ways that invite each learner into deeper dialogue with the Lord. We seek to understand the message being communicated by God through the scripture by exploring the author, context, literary genre, and audience of the text. We encourage dialogue between a variety of theological perspectives.


Community: We believe that the journey of faith is best lived with the encouragement and support of Christian friends. We seek to build community within each worship service and also encourage each worshiper to participate in a small group where their faith and relationships can grow.


Tenacity: Mt. Carmel was founded in 1854. We believe decisions should be made with future generations in mind. God calls us to be strong and courageous about our faith and mission. Our ministry is designed to strengthen our people and our community for a lasting faith journey!

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