Image by Gabriel Benois


Bible Study

Book of Acts:

Wednesday at 7 pm beginning September 22. 

Please read the book of Acts to prepare for this study and put on your roller skates and roll with the Holy Spirit and the Disciples as Christianity takes off! Join Pastor Jay on a wild ride with the Holy Spirit, the Disciples, Peter, Paul, and company as they build The Faith from a movement called “The Way”… to full-blown Christianity!


Grace and Judgement:

Thursday at noon beginning September 23.

Is there a paradox, or a tension between Grace and Judgment?  What “is” the unpardonable sin?  Once you’re “saved” can you lose your salvation?  Heaven & Hell???
Please read Hebrews Chapter 10 and Matthew 12: 22-32 to prepare for the first class. 

Zoom link will be in our Thursday email
or click here to contact Donna Clawson to get the link.